U-Jam Fitness® Instructor of the Week


We feel that U-Jam Fitness® has some of the most amazing instructors; from building communities to helping other instructors, our FamBam represents some of the best of the best. Each week on our social media, we want to spotlight one of these amazing instructors with our #UJOTW (U-Jam Fitness® Instructor of the Week). But to find these special instructors, we need you!

Is your instructor incredible? Is there another instructor who has mentored you? Nominate them for #UJOTW so that our entire community knows just how amazing this instructor is! It doesn't matter if you are a student, another instructor, the instructor's manager, or the instructor yourself. We will take nominations from anyone, as long as the nominee is worthy.

Please submit your nominations for your favorite instructor below. Remember, we are looking for instructors who have supported and/or mentored you, as well as acted as the light in their communities encouraging Peace, Love, and Unity.