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8-Hour Instructor Training Course

U-Jam Fitness® is an addictive cardio workout that fuses the hottest world beats with fun choreography that will make you move, sweat and smile. By taking our 8-hour instructor workshop, you will learn the fundamentals required to become an effective and engaging U-Jam Fitness® instructor. You will experience a full U-Jam Fitness® class and learn the choreography and skills necessary to properly cue and lead a class. At the end of the day, you will be a member of the U-Jam Fitness® team, which is known for creating student-minded instructors who can build unity through community, both in and out of the Group X room. 

Live Training includes:

  • Full one-day in-person training from an Elite Trainer
  • Instructor Manual
  • U-Jam Fitness® Master Class
  • Step-by-step choreography and technique breakdown for several U-Jam Fitness® routines
  • Cueing, Coaching and Connecting skill development
  • Live practical experience teaching and cueing a routine
  • 0.8 ACE CECs and 8.0 AFAA CEUs


1. I have no fitness teaching experience. Can I still attend the Live Training?
Yes! We commend you for wanting to play a part in changing people's lives through fitness. Our Live Training will give you the tools you need to become an effective U-Jam Instructor. Your next step after the Live Training is to join the U-Jam Instructor Program to unlock access to choreography and music.

2. Are there any prerequisites to taking a U-Jam Fitness® Live Training?

No, just come prepared to move and groove.

3. Do I need any additional certifications?

While we do not require any additional certifications, we do strongly suggest that you obtain a group fitness instructor primary certification.

4. After I complete the Live Training, can I start teaching right away?

The Live Training is the first step you need to complete. You will be qualified to teach once you enroll into the U-Jam Fitness® Instructor Program.

5. How long are the Instructor Credentials valid?
Once all requirements are met and you receive your credentials to teach, they are good as long as you continue with the Instructor Program which is the only way to receive your choreography and music.

6. Do you offer Continuing Education Credits?
Yes, you will earn 8 AFAA CEUs and .8 ACE CECs.

7. What do I get to take home with me after the Live Training?
a. Certificate of Completion.
b. Continuing education credits with ACE or AFAA, if you hold a valid certificate with them.
c. Access to the videos and music of the routines you learned during the Live Training.

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